Cookware classification

There are two classification methods

1, according to the use of occasions to points, can be divided into commercial kitchen utensils and household kitchen utensils.

Commercial cookware for hotels, restaurants and other large kitchen equipment

Household cookware is generally used for home use.

2, according to the use of points, can be divided into the following five categories.

The first category is storage appliances, divided into food storage and storage of utensils two parts. Food storage is divided into cold storage and non-cold storage, refrigeration is through the kitchen of refrigerators, refrigerators and other to achieve. The storage of utensils supplies storage space for utensils, cookware, utensils, etc. Storage equipment is through a variety of base cabinet, hanging cabinet, angle cabinet, multi-functional decoration cabinet, etc. completed.

The second category is the washing utensils, including hot and cold water supply system, drainage equipment, washing pots, washing cabinets, etc., after washing in the kitchen operation of the garbage, should be set up trash or health barrels, etc., modern home kitchen also Should be equipped with disinfection cabinet, food waste crusher and other equipment.

The third category is the conditioning equipment, mainly including the conditioning of the table, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils. With the progress of science and technology, household kitchen with food cutting machine, pressing juice machine, modulation equipment is also increasing.

The fourth category is cooking utensils, mainly stoves, stove and cooking related tools and utensils. With the kitchen revolution process, rice cooker. High-frequency electromagnetic cookers, microwave ovens, microwave ovens, etc. also began to enter a large number of families.

The fifth category is the dining utensils, mainly including the furniture in the restaurant and the equipment and utensils when eating.

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